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Rave your way into the day

Morning Gloryville is the world’s first morning dance/yoga event which bridges club culture & gym culture into one radically special pre-work, morning experience. Now in 23 cities all over the world, they are the proud pioneers of the morning dance experience and have inspired a global phenomenon of like-minded events. I worked with Morning Gloryville as a Producer of their San Francisco chapter and then as a UX designer for their global brand. Together we produced events with 700+ 6:30am attendees and created an app that aimed at solving some key UX challenges the brand was facing.

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I was originally hired as a Producer and then as their UX designer when the brand began facing challenges in tracking their customers and connecting with their community of attendees (we call them bRavers). I began my UX journey in research, then with a kickoff to establish the goals of the app and to develop a strategy that would tackle all of the key challenges the brand was facing. Then, I began strategizing the information architecture, wireframing, prototyping, and finally UI design and visual identity design—maintaining their existing brand assets while updating/ adding to them where necessary.


-UX & UX Research

-Information Architecture

-Interaction Design (iOS)

-Visual UI Design

-Creative Direction



UX Challenges

As mentioned above, Morning Gloryville is the pioneer of the morning sober rave—inspiring a global phenomenon of like-minded events. These “like-minded events” brought competition to the market. Competition that only began to appear 2 full years after Morning Gloryville had already reached 13 countries all over the world and what most would call huge success in their business model. That competition brought in big investors and advertising dollars that, prior to their arrival, Morning Gloryville didn’t need to spend. They were the first and only of their kind—until now. With that change comes the UX challenge of making their brand stand apart from the rest. This was the first of several I faced as their UX designer.

The second challenge was gathering data on their customers. Because most of their attendees bought tickets at the door and very seldom interacted with their brand outside of the events, Morning Gloryville had a hard time acquiring data on their attendees, making it hard to track what was going well and what needed improvements inside of their events. They needed a way to monitor what their bRavers were doing in and outside of their events affording Morning Gloryville the opportunity to optimize their experience in order to cultivate brand loyalty and to stabilize their growth in the newly competitive market.

The third challenge was based inside of their proposed solution to the aforementioned issues. The solution they proposed and hired me to design was their app, the UX challenge was getting their customers to use it. Promoting the use of an app that solved key challenges for the company was only to be solved in a user-centered approach for the customer. How could we solve a problem(s) for the users, enticing them to download and interact with the MG app on a regular basis.

“Morning Gloryville is in need of a viable solution in maintaining their market share of customers in the face of newly emerging competitive brands. Our solution is an app to connect us to our community of bRavers and them to each other. Our question for you is how do we get them to use it?”

—Summary of Client Needs



One of my concerns in designing this app was that it would be loaded with features that would largely go unused. I am acutely aware that people are already overloaded with apps and are largely set in their patterns of the ones they regularly use. That’s why my goal was to create a strong connection between the app and the Morning Gloryville events in order to not only make it a useful tool, but also a fluid connection for the user that affords a cohesive experience— engaging them during each touchpoint with the features inside. Ultimately, the app acts as a way for the user to have Morning Gloryville with them in their hearts and their pockets inside the event as well as outside in their everyday lives. Comprehensively, the app aids MG in further propagating the beautiful culture they’ve created.



The Get Tickets feature was put in place as one of the solutions to MG’s data tracking dilemmas. By incentivizing attendees to purchase tickets through the app by giving them discounts on sale paired with the bRaver Profile feature, the MG team could better collect data on their bRaver community in order to optimize their events. The hope was to increase repeat attendance by tracking drop offs in each event chapter. Thus, modeling events after what was testing well inside of ones with the most repeat customers.

bRaver Profile

The bRaver Profile feature, in addition to providing the MG team with info on their attendees, gives the bRaver the ability to receive free tickets by interacting with bRaver Punchcard affordance inside. Users can have their punchcard ‘stamped’ with a vendor code each time they interact with MG offerings inside an event like doing the yoga class or buying a smoothie. From a back-end perspective this furthers the user journey tracking for the MG team affording them with even more insight on what their bRavers are doing. Additionally, the Profile feature affords a direct way for the user to connect with other bRavers and leave notes to their MG team on feedback or needs they may have.

Cockycorn Alarm

This feature tackles the challenge the user faces in rolling out of their warm bed hours early to make it to an event. The bRaver can set an alarm to be reminded in a fun and playful way by the MG mascot (a rooster unicorn) to wake up on the day an event of or to buy a ticket days before.

Global News

This feature is based in creating a sense of connectedness between MG chapters globally so that users can keep tabs on what other bRavers are up to in cities near and far. It also affords the user with a way to buy tickets to these events if they’re ever traveling and would like to attend.


The Community feature gives the user the capacity to connect directly with any and all of MG’s vendors and contributors. Allowing them to foster a connection outside of MG events. For example, if the bRaver got a massage at an event that he/she loved, they can then contact the therapist through this feature to book an appointment in their everyday lives.


The music feature acts as the bRaver’s main touchpoint with their upcoming event. Here, a user can listen and even download music from upcoming performers and also read an expandable newsfeed filled with all the event’s next offerings.



The journey to solving the UX challenges outlined above was accomplished first with extensive research on their attendees or bRavers as they prefer to be called. This research then led me to afford the app with features that made it nearly impossible for attendees not to use. For instance, tickets are bought and discounted through the app but, more creatively, I found that bRavers absolutely loved posting photos that the MG photographers took during their events. So, we made full access to the albums only available though the app thus, further motivating the attendees to use it frequently for download and to share them with on social media and with friends. As for the data acquiring challenge, that was also partially solved through affording the app with ticket sales, but also through the Profile feature and punchcard affordance and even further by the Community feature which allows bRavers to contact vendors and contributors of the events but also tracks them when they do, giving the MG team an inside scoop on attendee referrals. These solutions are only an overview of the many ways the Morning Gloryville app acts as a holistic solution to the many challenges the brand was facing. Overall, this experience was such an exciting UX challenge that I was ultimately overjoyed in creating for the loving and colorful Morning Gloryville family.

Visual Identity MG.jpg

Visual Identity

The visual style of Morning Gloryville was created prior to me being hired by the company. It was crafted to evoke an essence of the inner-child in all who become a part of their bRaver community. I was instructed to strictly adhere to their brand assets in order to achieve continuity in all touchpoints with the brand. However, I was able to choose the colors and typefaces inside of their guidelines that I felt best achieved our common goal of user-friendliness. Pictured (left) are the brand guidelines MG gave me in a style guide I created with the added buttons of my choosing.

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